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The Official UB-04 Data Specifications manual is available from the National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC). Order form and information.

Medical Coding Resources

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CMS Recovery Audit Program

The Recovery Audit Program's mission is to identify and correct Medicare improper payments through the efficient detection and collection of overpayments made on claims of health care services provided to Medicare beneficiaries, and the identification of underpayments to providers so that the CMS can implement actions that will prevent future improper payments in all 50 states. Learn More.

CMS Medicare Quarterly Provider Compliance Newsletter

This is a new Medicare Learning Network (MLN) educational newsletter, entitled the "Medicare Quarterly Provider Compliance Newsletter." CMS' goal with this informational newsletter is to help physicians, providers, and suppliers and their billing staffs avoid billing errors and other harmful activities when working with the Medicare Fee-For-Service (FFS) program. Archived Additions.

1500 Claim Form Manual

NUCC Releases Annual Updated Version of the 1500 Claim Form Reference Instruction Manual. For more information on the 1500 Health Insurance Claim Form Reference Instruction Manual, visit the NUCC website.

CMS Manual: Publication 100-04 Medicare Claims Processing

Uniform billing (UB-04) implementation. Here is the link to the manual.

Medicare Learning Network Matters

The Medicare Learning Network (MLN) Matters is a database of national educational articles by the CMS, in consultation with expert clinicians, billing experts, and CMS subject matter experts. The articles are designed for physicians, providers and the supplier community and feature the latest changes to the Medicare Program.

You will see a wide array of articles-each specifically writer for the provider that is affected by multifaceted Medicare changes. MLN Matters' hope with its educational articles it to reduce the implementation time of these Medicare changes. Learn More.

POA Indicators

POA indicators must be reported for inpatient acute care hospital discharges. See below for the CMS MedLearn Matters article and the Change Request Transmittal manual.

CMS MedLearn Matters.

Change Request Transmittal.

Additional EDI Information

Visit the Washington Publishing Company website.