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Welcome to your UB-04 Form resource web site. Here you'll discover answers to your most frequently asked questions; links to helpful online training; a free online informational webinar and much more. Take a look around, we hope you'll find what're looking for.

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Quick Links to the UB-04 Resources

UB04 History  
Introduction, History & Overview - Written by the nationally recognized author of the UB-04 Handbook for Hospital Billing, Claudia Birkenshaw and published by the American Hospital Association.
UB04 Knowledge Base  
UB-04 Knowledge Base & FAQ - This powerful knowledge base includes many of the questions we’ve received during our webinars, speaker engagements and email - expertly answered by Claudia Birkenshaw. The UB-04 Knowledge Base is free, easy to navigate and only takes only a minute to register for.
UB04 Training Course  
Complimentary Recorded Webinar - in this free webinar, you will learn about the history of the UB-04 form, the most important components of the form and strategies for the future. Claudia Birkenshaw Garabelli, MSA, a national expert, author, and speaker on the UB-04, is presenting this key information.
UB04 Paper Form  
UB-04 Form - This form is available on the National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) web site.
UB04 Paper Form   Medicare Claims Processing Manual - Download this manual in a PDF format. Includes information on Chapter 25: Completing & Processing the Form - CMS 1450 Data Set (also the UB-04).
  NUBC UB-04 Subscription Manual Order Form - The official UB-04 Data Specifications Manual is available from the National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC). Visit their website to learn more about ordering this manual.
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